Elliot M Lee

Augmented Reality Robot Demo

Demo of an augmented reality video game on iPad, made for ARUP Laboratories and Junior Achievement.

Junior Achievement runs a program for 5th graders where the students take on a job for a day, learn how to run a business, and learn how to manage their personal finances. In 2018, ARUP Laboratories partnered with Junior Achievement to include a kiosk representing their company in the program. ARUP then hired me to create an activity for the ARUP "employees" to do that would get them excited about science.

This game is the first part of that activity. At the beginning of the day, students working in the ARUP kiosk are told that microbes are making some people in the city sick, and it's their job to find out which microbes are the culprits. In the game, students use a iPad to scan images on the walls. The game renders microbes and a microscope slide on the images, and the students then shoot blobs of glue at the microbes to stick them to the slide. Once they've captured enough microbes, the students retrieve a prepared slide with samples of real microbes from an adult volunteer and analyze them under a microscope.

The video shows three of the six microbes in the game: Leishmania, Rhodospirillum, and Volvox.